Majimak Chumeun Nawa Hamkke
The Last Dance Is With Me
Save Your Last Dance For Me
AIRED IN KOREA : Oct 23, 2004 - Jan 2, 2005
WEBSITE: http://tv.sbs.co.kr/last/


as Kang Hyun-woo

as Ji Eun-soo

Ryoo Soo-yeong
as Jung Tae-min

Lee Bo-yeong
as Yoon Soo-jin

STORYLINE (warning: Spoiler Alert)

Hyun-woo lost his memory after an accident. Eun-soo's family sheltered him as he strives to remember his past. Because Eun-soo is such a warm-hearted person, he easily fell in love with her and promised that, even if he gets his memory back, he'll be with her forever. But such sweet promise was shattered when Tae-min, Hyun-woo's mentor and family friend, found him and plotted a devious scheme.

Tae-min's plan of killing Hyun-woo failed but instead, the trauma brought back Hyun-woo's memories. He returned to his family wondering what might have happened to him during the entire year he was gone.

When Eun-soo went to Seoul, she stayed at her friend's, Jang-mi, who turned out to be an employee of Hyun-woo. She met him and was devastated when he didn't recognize her despite of what they've been through. When she found out the reason behind the denial, she tried to understand.

Tae-min helped Eun-soo get a job in the company, which made Soo-jin threatened of her
presence. She thought that, ever since she came in to the picture, Hyun-woo seems to be stepping back on her. Her instinct of him falling for Eun-soo became more evident when Hyun-woo thought that Eun-soo is his soulmate.

Eventhough everyone is against their relationship, Hyun-woo and Eun-soo agreed to fight until the end. But when Hyun-woo encountered company problems secretly initiated by Tae-min, Soo-jin took advantage of Hyun-woo's financial and emotional despair. Not wanting to be
a burden, Eun-soo left him.

Hyun-woo was about to get engaged to Soo-jin when he regained his memory of Eun-soo. He went back to the place where their love started, Dreaming Forest, hoping that she'll accept him. Since she really never stopped loving him, they decided to rekindle the relationship they once shared.

After being rejected by Eun-soo and losing his job, Tae-min felt like the world turned it's back on
him. He was distressed enough to kill the cause of his downfall, Hyun-woo. In spite of everything, Eun-soo didn't give up on Tae-min. On her way to talk him out of it, Tae-min accidentally ran into her thinking that she was Hyun-woo. Tae-min felt responsible for Eun-soo's paralysis. He turned himself in as she wished.

Eun-soo didn't want Hyun-woo to feel sorry for her so she ran away and became an art teacher. When their facility was coincidentally picked to become part of Soo-jin's exhibit for charity, Hyun-woo saw a painting resembling the Dreaming Forest, which led him to where Eun-soo is.


It was one of the good dramas there is. It started off interesting and as the story continues to unfold, it became more exciting to watch. From the beginning until the end, the story is enticingly good.

I love the transition of the story. Eventhough it is just another amnesia-rich-boy-meets-poor-girl story, it wasn't boring to watch. Maybe because Ji-sung and Eugene did good in their acting. They could get away from being serious to being a teaser. I love it when they get into their childish sides. Soo-yeong wasn't bad either. His facial expression is just right for his devilish character.

Ji-sung's and Eugene's characters look nice together. They have this connection that makes their chemistry work.

The OST alone speaks for its success.

There is just one question I have in mind. If a person lost his memory, wouldn't you help him to find his identity like going to the police or placing an ad that you found that person? Why wait
until the memory comes back? What if it doesn't? I bet there would be atleast one person in a million that can recognize him, right?

In totality, if you want a drama that is not draggy and too dramatic, this is your choice.

(warning: may contain spoilers)

SOO-JIN: If you have someone that you've loved for 8 years, it would be hard to forget. Don't you agree? If I met you first, things would have been different. But the first one I met is Hyun-woo, not you.
TAE-MIN: Hyun-woo is dead. No matter what you do, he won't come back! I won't promise for
things I can't do. And I won't let you wait. I can give you time but if you still find you can't accept me, I won't wait for you any longer.

HYUN-WOO: Do you know how hard and painful it's been for me? I tried to hide the fact that I like you. How can I even tell you when I don't even know who I am? That's why even if I wan
t to be with you, even if I'm so jealous, I can't do anything but to bear it.
EUN-SOO: Then go ahead and like me. You don't need to avoid those feelings. You don't need t
o bear it. I don't like you to change. I don't care whatever your past is. Nothing else matters except you being with me. Don't you know that?

When you are sad, think of your shadow. Even if you run away, it will follow you. Whatever may fall on you, you can be sure that it won't leave you. Your shadow - Chang-ho

I was destined to come in this place, to learn from you what true love is. Even if your memories
are lost, I will find you and help you. I'll never let go of your hand.

Don't' be sad for the things that were lost. Live for today and for the future. This is where you
belong. And if you get confused, I'm here to help you to bring back everything like it was before. That necklace would remind you that your past is gone.

Eun-soo, I don't believe in luck but I believe in miracles. Luck can fall on anybody. But miracles
are given to people who sincerely ask for it. Be it miracle or luck, it lies on your intention, no?

I can bear all the things that people do to me because one day I know, I'll find my happiness. I am not a fool to believe that everything will change someday. You think its sympathy? Don't feel sorry for me. I'm not scared to face this alone. But I nev
er thought your lies could hurt like this. Now I understand clearly. What I am after does not exist at all. I'll never going to find what I'm looking for. I'll never bring back the past. You are a stranger to me from now on! You won't see me ever again!

EUN-SOO: My heart already belongs to someone else. He was the first person who taught me what love feels like. And I will remember him for the rest of my life. I am the kind of person who'll love only once in my life. That's why I don't deserve your feelings for me. I don't think I can offer back what you're giving me. Sorry.
TAE-MIN: Is it the same man? The first time I met you... the man you talked about at the hotel... the same man who makes you cry. Whoever he is but if he does like you, then why do you have to look for him? I won't wish you a bright future because I'm not a good man.

Maybe I was punished for my lies. Remember
the first time we've met? At first, I thought she's just a strange woman after my statute. But it feels like I've known her before. I thought it was strange to feel something for her so I tried to keep it to myself. I tried hard, but I can't get her out of my head. It angered me to learn that the person I like, has feelings for another man. I can promise you one thing. If you believe me, you must follow me, I will never lie to you hurt you again. I will take care of you. I won't make you cry. I won't make you sad. I will protect you.

EUN-SOO: Can I ask you something? When did you start liking me?
HYUN-WOO: Let me see. When was it? Was it the outing at Busan? Or is it when you've saved
me? It must be then. On the day you thought I was Chang-ho at the parking lot.
EUN-SOO: Stop lying. You were really angry with me on that day.
HYUN-WOO: No... no matter how I think, it must have started on that day. It was when my secret love began. And on that day was when "this" started to hurt. Someone said, a secret love,
if there's no greed, you'll endure and trust. But if you become greedy, it becomes hell. When I started to become greedy of you, I went to hell. We may face hardships in the future but in this lifetime, even if I turn the whole world against me, even if I have to face the guilt, I will always be greedy for our love.

Yes, I never believed it myself. Not once have I thought that Soo-jin is my fate. Still, I made myself believe she's the one. But I was wrong. When destiny comes, you'll know it for sure. I
'm not clear about it. I just know it is so a feeling of absolute certainty of knowing you belong to each other. That's how it's like. In my eyes, she's all that I see. Destiny.

SOO-JIN: Hyun-woo has always been curious about the world. He finds a country girl, like you, interesting. I thought maybe you fell for his act so I'm giving you an advice as a friend. He
probably told you his feelings are sincere. Fate? Love? I am used to it. But you do realize that this relationship isn't serious at all. You are a cheap toy. Hyun-woo is a respected, well-known and wealthy man. Others might think he is easy and sway their opinions of him. You don't understand yet because you're currently infatuated with him. You'll understand soon that he could lose a lot over you. You hold the key to his future.
EUN-SOO: You said you spent ten years with him then you should know well that you have loved and gave your whole self to that person. Is this right? It doesn't matter if you say bad things about him. I'll continue and love him openly..

TAE-MIN: At this moment, you need Soo-jin. Did you not consider that Eun-soo is burdened by you? I made a promise with Eun-soo. When she comforted me that day, I promised her that I would never make her cry. And that she would only smile when with me. But with you, all you seem to do is make her unhappy and hurt her. What else have you done for her? The things I can do for her...
HYUN-WOO: You're right. Even though right now, I could be a burden to her. I can't promise
that she won't cry because of me. She's already cried a lot of tears because of me. But I will always treat Eun-soo the same. I'm not like others, who will change or keep things from her. Doesn't matter if its happiness or sorrow. Even through the tough times, I will always be by her side. This is what I can promise her. I hope that you will never appear in front of Eun-soo again. All this time, she has suffered a lot of pain because of me. I don't want to see her suffer anymore because of you as well. Because I know for a fact, that you'll only hurt her.

HYUN-WOO: Today, I saw a very special picture at the exhibit. Inside that picture, a house that gave me strength and a many memories. And a place that taught me how beautiful love is. There, the woman I love more than my life was smiling at me. Beside her was the man who'd sworn to her father to protect her holding her hand? You foolish girl. You think I'd leave you? You think I'd let you go as you please? You think I'd let you hurt alone? Are you a fool?
EUN-SOO: What am I? I gave you a chance to leave. When you have that chance you should
leave, so why are you here?
HYUN-WOO: Because you made me like this. Ji Eun-soo is Baek Chang-ho's. I'll hold your hand for life. I'll save the last dance for you. I won't let go of your hand again... Forever.


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