Full House
Pul Hawooseu
GENRE: Comedy, Drama, Romance
AIRED IN KOREA: July 14 - Sept 2, 2004
WEBSITE: http://www.kbs.co.kr


Jung Ji-hoon / Bi / Rain
as Lee Young-jae

Song Hye-kyo
as Han Ji-eun

Kim Sung-soo
as Yoo Min-hyuk

Han Eun-jeong
as Kang Hye-won

STORYLINE (warning: Spoiler Alert)

Young-jae manages to always end up bad in the news. He gets into trouble even if he tries to be on low profile. On his way to Japan to film his newest project, he met Ji-eun whom he got irritated with because of her being too bubbly.

Ji-eun was on vacation planned by her friends. What she doesn't know is that everything promised to her were all lies. They made her believe that she won the trip from a promotion and it would be all expense paid. When she got to the hotel, the problem started. There's no reservation under her name. It's a good thing Min-hyuk, Young-jae's friend, was there to help her work things out. When she ran out of money, she asked for Young-jae's help who, coincidentally, is staying in the same hotel she is. He let her borrow money thinking that she personally knows Min-hyuk.

Ji-eun's bad luck continues when she saw her house empty. She thought she was robbed. But the truth is, her friends gave her the trip so they could sell the house while she is gone. And to make things worst, Young-jae was the one who bought the house. She didn't want to give it up because it's the only memory she has of her dad. Besides, it wasn't her fault. To compromise, Young-jae allowed her to stay as long as she'll agree to be his housekeeper until she could pay the house back from her salary.

Min-hyuk is back to Korea to manage an advertising company. Young-jae got threatened because he knows that the attention of Hye-won's, which he has a secret love on, would all be on Min-hyuk. As much as he wanted to profess his feelings to her, he can't seem to find the courage. When the perfect time came and things are all planned, something came up… Min-hyuk. News on Young-jae's attempt of proposing got out and the press is curious in the woman's identity.

During a function, Hye-won revealed her love to Min-hyuk but got turned down. He told her to pay more attention on Young-jae. Hye-won confronted Young-jae but he denied his feelings and instead, pretended that he is in love with Ji-eun, who by the way crashed the party.

The news of Young-jae and Ji-eun getting engaged became the latest controversy. Since he couldn't retract what he said, they had a contract marriage. If in six months, they could pull it through, he would give back the house as long as nobody would know about the mess they got into. Since Ji-eun really cares about the house, she agreed.

Ji-eun applied for a job as a screenplay writer at Min-hyuk's company. At first, she wasn't doing any good but Min-hyuk supported her. As he teaches her the ins and outs of the industry, he started to get attached to her. Although what Ji-eun feels for Min-hyuk is strictly professional, Hye-won still gets upset. On the other hand, Young-jae continues to show his affection to Hye-won. The public got alarmed that he is two timing Ji-eun. To save his reputation, his manager told Hye-won to stop seeing Young-jae.

As Ji-eun and Min-hyuk gets closer, Young-jae started to realize that he is falling for Ji-eun. In fear that he would be rejected, he hid his feelings. What he doesn't know, Ji-eun is feeling the same way too. But she was disheartened when she found out that the woman Young-jae was supposed to propose to was Hye-won. From then on, she distant herself to avoid misconceptions.

The hearsay about Young-jae and Ji-eun breaking up was all over the news. Young-jae decided to end their made-up marriage to protect Ji-eun from more painful attacks. He doesn't want people to see her differently so he had a conference. The news hurt his career and reputation so bad but he didn't care. What matters most is that he was able to clear Ji-eun's name. After the revelation, he laid low. Nobody knows where he went except for his assistant.

His assistant pretended that Ji-eun was very ill so Young-jae could go back to the city. Since he really cares about her, he went home. Seeing that during his absence, a stronger relationship was developed between Ji-eun and Min-hyuk, he got paranoid. He acted as if they are together and became overprotective of Ji-eun. But everything got more complicated when Min-hyuk accidentally found out about the contract marriage. He now has a bigger shot in winning Ji-eun's heart.

While Young-jae is trying to win back Ji-eun, Hye-won gets attracted to him. But no matter how hard she gets in between them, he can't take Ji-eun out of the picture.

Young-jae continued showing his affection to Ji-eun. He prepared love schemes so she would be impressed. Unfortunately, none worked until he learned that the best way to her heart is sincerity and honesty. Now, they don't need any contract to be together because what they have is the real thing.

Ji-eun's screenplay was made into a movie. Young-jae starred on it for his comeback.


KOREANCRAZEE: What I like about his drama is the onscreen chemistry between Bi and Song Hye Kyo. They both have charisma. Just the smile alone could blow your heart away. Their facial expressions and acting makes it worth watching for. When they portray their roles, they act like kids playing house. It seems natural. When they fight, they look even cuter. I like the way they complement each other's personalities.

Full House is definitely a feel good movie. This would make you fall in love. If there is one series that I would want to see over and over, this would be it. This series have it all - laughter, romance and drama. I can't seem to have enough it. Some may not like it because of too much redundacy in their fights but for me, every scene is entertaining. I get to love Korean series more because of this.

The OST has contributed in this series' success. The "I Think I Love You" and "First Time in this Seat" tracks echoe in my mind and when it plays, all I can say is, awwwww...

Aza Aza Fighting!

JOE: I love this show! First off... The casting was done flawless. Yes, flawless. From Song Hye-kyo as Ji-eun to Kim Sung-soo as Min-hyuk to the one everybody loves to hate: Han Eun-jeong as the notorious Hye-won! *everything go's black and red lights glimmer on the picture of Hye-won's evil laugh* Oh, but let's not forget the reason why every female in Korea watches this program: BI as Young-jae!! It also has a awesome OST. (You know, the OST that ALWAYS gets stuck in your head, but you still love it?) It's worth watching again over and over and over and over... and over. ;P

HEE-UN: Yes, I finally got around to watching this drama. I really enjoyed this drama. It was so refreshing to see Rain in a comedy. He did really well. I am very impressed with him as an actor. And Song Hye-Kyo was good too. There is something really adorable about her. They made a good comedy/drama team. While the storyline of this drama wasn't really anything too different it was fun to watch how their relationship developed through the series. The only thing I wasn't too thrilled about was the supporting characters. Don't get me wrong, Yoo Min Hyuk was very good looking, possibly better looking than Rain in this drama, but I thought both supporting characters were just kind of dull, nothing special.


One of the most popular TV miniseries released this summer in Korea was Full House, based on a popular comic book series. This fun miniseries shows us the difficulties that occur while living together, as well as the funny side of life. From the onset, Full House has been praised for its fresh and saucy take on the love lives of four young people. Within the first three weeks of airing, audiences responded with a 30% increase in viewership. Most of the miniseries is set in a beachfront house in Incheon. This area has become a popular tourist spot for fans of the show.

Full House Sweeps Thailand
http://english.kbs.co.kr [07.27.2005]

The KBS series "Full House" has exploded in popularity since it premiered in Thailand June 25 on Channel 7, which is running the series every Saturday and Sunday morning. The Korea Thailand Communication Center, a firm specializing in Thai tourism and market research, reported on July 27 that "Full House" recorded a market share of 56 percent on July 16 and 63 percent on July 17.

Full House Sets Viewer Ratings Record in Philippines
http://english.kbs.co.kr [07.27.2005]

The KBS TV2 drama "Full House," starring Rain and Song Hye-kyo, has recorded the highest viewer ratings in the Philippines among all Asian television dramas that have been shown in that country since 2003. The Filipino ratings survey agency "AGB Philippines" said "Full House" recorded an average daily rating of 42.3 percent.

"Full House" aired in the Philippines from February to April on GMA, Philippines' ground-wave broadcaster, recording a rating of 30.2 percent for the first episode and reaching 50.5 percent on April 17. According to AGB Philippines, seven Korean television dramas have made it onto the list of top-10 Asian dramas shown in the country so far (including re-runs).

DIALOGUES AND QUOTES (warning: Spoiler Alert)

JI-EUN: Of all the houses you could have bought, why mine. Why did you buy it?
YOUNG-JAE: I like the name. Full House. A house full of love, is that right? I thought I'd grow old in this house with the person I love.

There are happy marriages and unhappy marriages. Some marriages with an unknown end, some with a known end. But our marriage is a marriage too. I fought with you everyday and packed my bags a few times. But I never thought this is the end. I'm never coming back. Let's do our best. Live with energetic power until the day that we really do part ways. Fighting until then.

YOUNG-JAE: What about Ji-eun. She's a good kid. She can be simple and strange sometimes. But that's what makes her Han Ji-eun.
HYE-WON: You silly. That's why I don't like Ji-eun. You are the first person to come to my side when I was having a hard time. But you have someone else by your side now. You have to go to her now. Isn't it strange? I love Min-hyuk but I'm obsessing over you.
YOUNG-JAE: Hye-won, until you let go of my hand, I can't let go of yours. I tried but I couldn't. I can't leave until you let go of my hand.

When you want to protect someone, it means you like that person, right? You protect Kang Hye-won, I'm going to protect you. I think I like you…

I thought you weren't interested in anyone else but Hye-won. I guess I was wrong. I know what you're saying but I never toyed with her. I don't want to explain myself to you. And I don't plan to apologize to you. I haven't done anything to be ashamed of. But let me give you this bit of advice. Don't be swayed. Don't lose your center. And don't let me catch you off guard.

Back then, I thought Min-hyuk protected me. But now that I think about it, you protected me even then. You are always by my side but I didn't know that. Thank you for being patient with me. Lee Young-jae, I want to go to you. Will you take me?

Han Ji-eun, if you like Min-hyuk, go ahead. You don't have to ask me. Your heart wasn't included in the contract. Our marriage is based on contract but your heart wasn't included. Your heart belongs to you.

My heart belongs to me but I don't understand my own heart. I really don't like Lee Young-jae. I hate him. He always calls me poultry, chicken and rice cooker. He works me like a slave only to yell at me later. And he only likes someone else. He always makes me wait. I really dislike him. I really do. But he makes me so happy. And he breaks my heart too. I'm really weird, aren't I?

It's fun to see you get mad. I want to tease you again and again. When I'm with you, you make me feel good. When Min-hyuk said he'd take you away from me, it didn't feel good. No, actually, I was offended. And I was angry. You know what childish behavior I resorted to so he couldn't steal you from me? When I'm with you, it's fun. It makes me feel good… only if you don't do those silly jokes. See? I even talk more when I'm around you. When I'm with you I feel like become a different person. I even forget Hye-won. Ji-eun, the truth is I really wanted you but I wanted to protect you so you wouldn't get hurt. I think I have to go to Hye-won now.

I'm here today to tell you about a woman I love. I'm in love with someone right now. I really love her. She's someone who can find joy and hope in little things. Being with her brings me joy. She's the first person to teach me what happiness is. Because I really love her, in order to protect her, I'm about to get a divorce. I'm sure you're curious but I can't reveal who she is now. She's a kind but ordinary person. But to me she's the most important and special person.

JI-EUN: When Young-jae's not there, I wait for him. I know he's not coming but I still wait. Was that from his teasing me poultry. I think I'm really become a poultry. If I meet again that not that good as I supposed fight everyday, upset and make a rice and clean up, it's not all that pleasant when he's there. But when he's not by my side, it just feels really strange. I keep telling myself not to wait for him.Bbut I keep thinking about him and I keep waiting for him. And this waiting thing is really hard work. So you shouldn't wait for me any longer. I'm sorry. I should've told you not to wait for me from the start. I'm sorry that I'm telling you this now.
MIN-HYUK: There's nothing you should be sorry. I mean, don't say that. Actually, I also let the people wait for long. So I'm overtaken retribution. But you said once, although you decide not to wait, it doesn't guarantee the result. I'm not sure whether do well or not but I'll try anyway. But we are friends with regard to waiting right? Is that alright?

I promised myself I'd never lose you again. But I keep on losing you at every crucial moment. That's just not fair. I'm so angry with myself. I don't think I can stand it any longer. Like I said, I always hurt you and can't even protect you. Like you said, I don't know how to love and how to express love. So, I don't know how to love. What I can do to make you happy at all. So I've been thinking, since I don't know much, I'll do anything you tell me. Anything you teach me. I'll wait if you tell me to wait. I'll sing and dance if you tell me to sing and dance. I'll buy you flowers if you tell me to do. I'll do anything you tell me. I'll do anything you want. So, Ji-eun, here, you wear this. Han Ji-eun, let's get married. Please, marry me.

JI-EUN: At first, I thought the ring might be a fake, a lie. But it was real to me. When I was always waiting for you, while my heart was breaking, and as I was happy, the ring became real to me because of you.
YOUNG-JAE: When I thought I couldn't protect you, I thought I was going to go insane. I thought about you and worried about you constantly. I missed you so much. It really hurt a lot. Loving someone is such a painful ordeal but I can't stop myself from going to you. Ji-eun, I love you so much that it feels like this universe will explode. For as long as it takes for the oceans to dry up. So much that I don't care if my soul burns to ashes. I love you. I love you very much. Han Ji-eun, why can't you say something? I said I love you a lot.


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    aQuStIk said...
    hubungan mereka memang cute...

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