My Name is Kim Sam-soon
My Lovely Sam-soon
Nae Ireumeun Kim Sam-soon
GENRE: Comedy, Drama, Romance
AIRED IN KOREA: June 1 - July 21, 2005
WEBSITE: http://imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/samsoon/index.html


Kim Seon-ah
as Kim Sam-soon

Hyeon Bin
as Hyun Jin-heon

Jeong Ryeo-won
as Yoo Hee-jin

Daniel Henney
as Henry Kim

STORYLINE (warning: Spoiler Alert)

In her 30 years of living, Sam-soon has never been more depressed. She had a heartbreaking Christmas when she confirmed that her boyfriend of three years is cheating on her. And to make things worst, she got fired on the same day. She may not be hot and pretty like any other girls but she definitely has a good heart and talent. She tried her luck in a prestigious restaurant owned by Jin-heon, Bon Appetit, as a patisserie. Because she has a knack in baking, she got hired instantly but changed name to Kim Hee-jin.

Tired of getting involved with blind dates set up by her mom, Jin-heon asked Sam-soon to pretend that they are dating. She agreed since she owes him money to pay back for the house her dad sold. Their personalities didn't jive at first and always end up fighting. But what she doesn't know is that his being stiff and serious about everything is just a coverup of a painful past.

Hee-jin, Jin-heon's ex girlfriend, came back after 3 years of stay in America. She tried to persuade him into talking to her so she could explain her sudden leaving. Regardless how hard he tries to avoid Hee-jin, she didn't give up until everything is settled. She still loves him despite of how their relationship turned out.

Sam-soon defenselessly starts to fall in love with Jin-heon. She is threatened that he'll go back to Hee-jin so she admitted that she likes him. But after knowing the truth on Hee-jin's reasons, Jin-heon accepted her and made up.

Hee-jin has Advance Gastric Cancer. She didn't tell Jin-heon because he just got involved in a car accident that killed his brother and sister in law. She doesn't want to put him in a more painful situation. It was Jin-heon's mom who pushed Hee-jin away to get the operation and promised that she could go back as soon as she gets better. Now that she is back on track, Jin-heon's mom didn't accept her because she is unhealthy. She tried to get Sam-soon back to get rid of Hee-jin.

Jin-heon misses Sam-soon. He got jealous when Hyun-woo would like to get back with her. Before he knows it, he already likes her. He attraction towards Sam-soon. She confided her problems with Henry, her doctor, who is in love-jin witnessed the sudden change on Jin-heon'se with her. Supported enough, Henry was able to help her get through the heartache.

When Hee-jin and Henry is about to return to America, she asked for Jin-heon if he could send her off for the last time. He went to America leaving Sam-soon a promise that he would come back for her. After months of waiting, Sam-soon gave up on his promise and started a new life without him. She built her own online bakeshop. It didn't start up well but it eventually picked up. She also started to date other men.

Jin-heon came back thinking that Sam-soon would be ecstatic to see him. To his surprise, she got mad instead. She thought that he never tried to communicate and left her hanging. Jin-heon claimed he did send out letters but got rerouted. Sam-soon was convinced and accepted him back to her life.

Everything worked out well between Sam-Soon and Jin-heon. Their love was able to conquer all the complications they went through. Even if upto the end, Jin-heon's mom doesn't approve their relationship, they proudly stayed together. Hee-jin continued her studies and a special relationship with Henry.

No matter how hard it is to be in love, in the end, it would always give you the reason to live.


KOREANCRAZEE Now I understand why this series was a hit. Aside from having Kim Seon-Ah on board, it has a promising storyline.

I like the way each characters spice up the story. They have different contributions to the entirety of the show. It's like all the characters are essential. The connection between them and to the story is pretty much evident that made it more interesting to watch. Not a single moment did I get bored. Everything seems to be in the right place.

I also like Sam-soon's thoughts about life and love. Everything she believes in are sensible and realistic. Her personality is very mature. She could sometimes be dense about her decisions, but she gets to be wiser and stronger learning from those experiences. Actually, Sam-soon's life wasn't a complete waste as she thought it was. Personally, I think it's very challenging and colorful. I don't mind being hurt as long as I'll end up happier when the right time comes. And besides, who would regret it if, in the end, you'll win the heart of the man you've wished for.

It's a tricky story. It actually played my mind upto the end. You won't be able to draw an ending just based on the scenes you are watching. After every episode, my mind changes to who gets who. Well, what can I say, everybody has their own reasons to love. Only fate knows.

Seon-Ah really deserves to be the comedy queen. She could deliver humour without overacting. What's more amazing is how sincere she portrayed her character. She is very convincing.

JOE I was very impressed with the show! And I've made a list of why I think it's so many peoples favorite:
1. It's not depressing through EVERY episode like some other dramas. *COUGHwintersonataCOUGH* (Kidding, I love that show. =P) Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that this drama does a really great job of combining humor with drama.
2. The storyline is really believable. Sam-Soon is in a real situation that doesn't play to be made up.
3. The soundtrack is really catchy. It even has some Yiruma. 8)
4. It's a great love triangle (as they call it). Kinda unpredictable sometimes.


MBC TV Network Ponders Life After "Samsoon" koreatimes.co.kr [07.25.05]

For MBC television network, which had been struggling with low viewer ratings and bribery scandal, the huge success of `My Lovely Samsoon' gave the company a much-needed boost in confidence. However, with the series over, the nation's leading TV network is facing the problem of filling the void. Although our new drama `Our Attitude in Facing Parting' will succeed `My Lovely Samsoon, we do not expect it will do a lot for viewer ratings, said an official from MBC, who asked to remain anonymous. `My Lovely Samsoon was just so unusually popular'. SBS upcoming romantic comedy drama `Princess LuLu' is also part of MBC's worries. Its producer Sohn Jeong-hyun directed last year's major summer hit `Paris Lovers', which had more than 50 percent in viewer ratings. As the drama also stars Kim Jung-eun, a heroine of `Paris Lovers', it is naturally attracting enormous press even before the beginning of the drama.

My Lovely Samsoon Ends With 50 Pct Ratings koreatimes.co.kr [07.25.05]

This year's biggest hit TV drama, `My Lovely Samsoon, came to an end Thursday, surpassing 50 percent of the total viewer ratings. According to TNS Media Korea, the last episode of the MBC drama recorded a 50.5 percent viewer rating on a national basis. It reached 53.4 percent in metropolitan areas. There have only been five drama series with viewer ratings above 50 percent since 2000. Since the show's first episode on June 1, the drama series sparked 'Sam-soon syndrome'. At the core of the syndrome are Korean women who identify themselves with 30-year-old pastry chef Sam-soon, who is overweight, single and has nothing to boast of, but is confident and outspoken in Korea's appearance-oriented society. Skillful performances by actors Kim Seon-ah and Hyeon-bin drew attention and the drama gave birth to new stars like Daniel Henney and Jeong Ryeo-won.

Kim Seon-ah Gains Weight to Win Hearts
chosun.com [07.20.2005]

Kim Seon-ah, 30, who plays the lead in MBC drama hit "My name is Kim Sam-soon", which regularly attracts viewer ratings around 40 percent, is on the verge of fainting on the shoot for the last episode in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul. Having slept only an hour a day for three straight weeks to meet the tight shooting schedule, she had to be taken to hospital three times. Around midway through the show, someone suggested a plot line where Sam-soon loses weight as she falls in love. But Kim dug in her heels in discussion with Producer Kim Yoon-cheol. If Sam-soon gets pretty after losing weight, she's not Sam-soon any more. And who would lose weight as fast that even if they fall in love? Kim appears to concur with press hype that has described the character as chubby and emphasized how unglamorous Sam-soon looks. "If I looked beautiful on TV, would viewers sympathize with me as much? I've actually been worried acting in the drama like this. It was not pleasant for me as an actress. But I regard the fat around my stomach as a means to express the inner state of Sam-soon." She describes the secret of the soap's success in one word, "sympathy". Since many viewers identify with Sam-soon, they try to catch every single line and gesture. So when Sam-soon has problems in her relationship with Sam-sik, the fans go nuts. Asked if it is realistic for a character like Sam-soon to find love with a glamorous man like Jin-heon, she holds her breath for a moment. "If they share something, they could love each other. Though Sam-soon comes from a different background to Jin-heon, the story shows the simple truth that nothing can stop real love." Asked how the drama will end, she rolls her eyes. "No way. I got the shooting script the day before yesterday, and I can't tell. Never, ever. It's top secret." She gained about 8 kgs.

DIALOGUES AND QUOTES (warning: Spoiler Alert)

There once was a time where in this world I was the main character. It felt as if I was walking on clouds. My heart always pounding. That feeling was good. As if our love filled up to the skies. One man came who gave me that happiness but like that he left. The reason why I'm crying right now isn't because I lost him. Love - the thing that once was burning now - lost and gone was unbelievable.

On a day like this, if a guy left the girl, the games over. Next time don't reason them why. Just hit and run. In life there's all kinds of men but men are men. The same with women.

MANAGER: So, all the chocolates you've made so far, have all of them been good?
SAM-SOON: No, there were good ones and there were bad ones. However, there's nothing we can do about it. That case is mine and all the chocolate in it I had to eat anyway. When and what I will eat, that makes the difference. But from then to now, it might have been different. When I was a child, I didn't have any fear and just ate everything I saw. But now, I think a lot and sit, picking which one to eat. If I wanted anything more, it would be for no more bitter rum to be in my chocolates. There won't be any chocolate with bitter rum in it. Because for 30 years I've already eaten it and destroyed it.

Here - you'll always be here! I did not know back then that all the promises he had made me. How empty they were. If there had been no promises, would it have been easier for me right now? Talk is, I hate myself for wanting to believe them. I hate myself for still wavering at the meaningless glances. For dwelling upon it like this. Losing love may just mean losing one's self-confidence.

In this wide and big space, on a star called Earth, you and I met. It has been 100 days since you came to me. Thank you for coming to me.

At the end, people will see everything their way. People define it the way they want and act however they want. So you never find out what the other person is like. When a male and female start liking each other, these types of hormones come out. And when they start loving each other, a new set of hormones appear. This set is the most important but it also makes a person go crazy in love. With the next step, the male and female want to go further into their relationship, so they go to either sex or marriage. Then these hormones come out. It also comes out when a mother nurtures a baby. It's like saying love of a female is the same for everyone. The funnier thing is, this other hormone makes people in love blind. All the hormones I just mentioned usually fade away in two years. I don't know if the hormones are dried up but I only see your weak points. I have never taken love easily. When I start, I contemplate whether I should start and when it ends, I do the same. Even if the hormones full or empty, I made an effort to do it truthfully.

One day, the body asked the heart. When I'm hurt the doctor heals it but if you're hurt then who will heal you? Then the heart said, I have to heal by myself. Is it because of that whenever someone is hurt, they have their own special way of healing it? Drinking, singing, releasing anger, laughing, crying, going to trips with friends and talking with them, and running in the marathon... or the worst thing, just ignoring that pain. My way of healing is by making cake and cookies in the morning like right now. Even when my father suddenly passed away, even when a passionate relationship came to an end, I come to the kitchen to cook cake and I was healed from the smell of the baked cake. Can there be another treatment as sweet as this one?

JIN-HEON: Why did you cry? You still like Min Hyun-woo?
SAM-SOON: Cause it felt terrible. People change, their hearts change. And the love is changed. To think that the kind of love I fantasized about doesn't exist that made me feel terrible.

I don't like you looking at other men. I also don't like you listening to what they say. I don't know why but I just don't like it.

Have you been to Hallyu Mountain? I've been there twice. The first time was after highschool, I went with my brother. The second time was after I recovered. When I went with my brother, the snow was up to our waist. He was the one who lead me. Other people behind also followed us. When I recovered, I went because I acted on my impulse. I wanted to reach the top of the mountain because I thought the rest of the days would be fine. I figured the clouds were beneath me when I reached the peak, I felt like I was standing on the clouds as I went steeper. Then I promised myself 'It's ok now, let's stop here' - all the self-condemness and the complaining. I was really determined to wait until Hee-jin returns so she wouldn't see me at my weakest point.

In search of lost time, Madeline appears in the book. The owner dips the Madeline into the red tea and eats it while reminiscing the past. So the owner takes this Madeline and describes it as very rounded with inertia, has compaction. My French teacher told me, other than this Madeline, there is Chausson who waited until a lot of cookies appeared in the book. But, Henry, those two people, seems like the owner in the book searching for his lost time, right?

I'm so frustrated! I thought I wouldn't cry over a man again. I thought that after I turn 30, it wouldn't be like this anymore. I wouldn't feel my heart beating. And there wouldn't be times when I'm waiting all night for a phone call. Do you know how tiring that is? I just want to find a guy who likes me. And one who wouldn't hurt my heart. Just live normal lives together. But look what's happened now. It's making me so disappointed. I've been through so much already. I still fell for a guy. I feel so disappointed with myself, so disappointed. Wouldn't it be great if my heart could be a bit stronger, right dad?

Sorry, I thought that 3 years meant nothing to us. 'If the eyes look further away, the heart will follow also'. I wanted to prove that quote wrong. I said that time was medicine. But it became an illness in front of us.

Being in love will sometimes be tiring, upset and your heart will hurt. But it's good to be in love. I can see that you have a fate of a princess. Once you get older, I'll help you find one ok?

Let's love like we've never been hurt before. Let's dance like no one is praising us. Let's love like we've never been hurt before. Let's sing like no one is listening to us. Let's work like we don't need money for it. Let's live like today is the doomsday.
To tell you the truth, I want be like that as well. Pretend that I've never been hurt before, as I want to seriously love one more time. But since the ending has become like this, I really wanted to change the article. If you don't want to get hurt then don't fall in love.

I've come back safe and sound, mother. I just wanted to send my friend back, but while I was there I thought a lot. I'm nearly hitting 30 and should get married. I thought of how to make Sam Soon happy. And also that mother you're getting old as well and how will I take care of you. I've even changed a lot of hotels while I was there, but then I finally settled down in one. It was like trying to make food with the ingredients, so in order to know I had to go over them. The money that I've earned from the restaurant, I've already used it all up but I didn't want to lose this chance of really learning something. I also went to visit some friends there. I also went traveling on my own, as it will be my last time. I knew how important the people beside me were. I was afraid to hear Sam Soon's voice as that would make my heart go weak and I'll end up coming back straight away. So I sent the postcards instead but the address was wrong.

That night the grandmother of the mountain blessed us for our marriage and our kids. Mountain, Ground, Ocean. Those are the names of our children. Oh no, that's just my dream. This is my dream too. But what I wanted to come true hasn't come true. No matter what, I have made one dream come true. That is to play the piano for him. That night the grandmother of the mountain did not display her magic. Mother was still against our marriage. But we still love each other. We still bicker at times but we always make up afterwards. We laugh and cry during our time together. Since our meeting was coincidental, I sometimes think, we may break up one day. Being in love is like this. But there is nothing to be afraid of. I now understand the things that I have to do. That is to work hard in making my cakes, keep on loving. Just like everyday is a doomsday. Just like we've never been hurt before. Just like the love I have for me: Kim Sam-soon.

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