01. Full House (Instrumental)
02. oon myung oleh Why
03. Forever (Instrumental)
04. I Think I oleh Byul
05. shi (Instrumental)
06. chin goo ran mal oleh Noel
07. oon myung (Full Slow Instrumental)
08. Blue Hills (Instrumental)
09. oon myung (Slow Version) oleh Why
10. I Think I (Guitar Instrumental)
11. neut ge pin sarang (Too Late) oleh G-soul
12. Forever oleh Why
13. oon myung (Semi Slow Instrumental)
14. Love At The Gate (Instrumental)
15. go ma wuh hal ge yo oleh Byul
16. neut ge pin sarang (Too Late)(Violin Instrumental)
17. Amazing Love (Instrumental)
18. Paradiso (Instrumental)
19. oon myung (Instrumental)

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Lagu Tambahan
1. Lee Bo Ram - chuh eum geu ja ri eh
2. Sha la la (Humming)
3. Title Shuffle (Humming)
4. Children's Choir - gom se ma ri
5. Song Hye Gyo - gom se ma ri
6. Lee Kyung Sup - chuh eum geu ja ri eh (Instrumental)

longer version of the Sha La La (Humming) song

in the final episode, songs that SHG & Bi sing in Karaoke
DJ DOC - DOC wa choom eul
Jo Kyu Man - da jool gguh ya (Acoustic Version)

song that is played in episode 2, at about 8 minutes when Bi's friends were in a bar
Boyzone - No Matter What

cantonese song played at the scene of Yong Jae's movie, 'bi ga'
Jade Kwan - gwan sam...sam yin (Care About Jade)



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